"A warm, well-lit restaurant with Thai decor, this Lincoln Park staple has been providing Thai delights for 10 years. Staples like Pad Thai and Pad Seeuw are served here."


Noodles in the Pot

You'll find more than just starchy staples at this Thai restaurant in Lincoln Park. In addition to its main fare, Noodles in the Pot offers a full menu of Asian appetizers, soups, salads and curry entrees. The interior of the place is as simple as its dishes, with light oak tables and matching chairs.

Park it on one of these pale wooden seats and order up some baby egg rolls. The tiny fried shells are stuffed with chicken, shrimp and bean thread noodles, and since they're so small, you won't feel bad when you eat more than one. Other appetizers include spring rolls, pot stickers and the coveted crab rangoon. From there you'll want to move on to the heavier stuff.

As you would expect from any decent Thai joint, especially one that's been in business for more than a decade, Noodles in the Pot sells a ton of pad Thai. But so does every other Thai place in town. So branch out and try something a little more daring, like the spicy chili noodles, served with a regional Thai kick.